Monday, 20 February 2012

Starting out as an online freelancer - Part 1

This series is aimed towards those who are trying to get into the wonderful world where one can work from his or her own home!

Guys, winning your first project is the most difficult job you'll ever get in this field.The entire online freelance community works on a crucial system of ratings. All major online marketplaces have rating systems which employers use to judge potential workers.

A person new to the world of freelancing is without a single rating, and so starting out can be very difficult. Few employers are willing to trust workers who have done no jobs on that marketplace previously.

But don't worry, we'll constantly update you with the latest tips and techniques to landing jobs, and hopefully guide you through the process. Feel free to communicate with us by leaving your comments below this post.

Part 1 of this series deals with setting up accounts on the most ideally suited freelancing marketplaces to those starting up!


We have done a lot of research over the past couple of weeks on the easiest websites for online freelancers to begin their work. Taking into account various factors including the long term prospects of these websites, we realized that freelancers have the highest chance of getting jobs on two websites:

We recommend you register on this site as well as this one both at once, so that you can save time filling their profiles (a lot of profile requirements are similar so you can just fill them simultaneously).

 Once you create accounts on both the websites, choose your payment methods etc. oDesk requires you take a readiness test before you can post a reasonable number bids at one time so make sure you do this after reading up on how the site works..

Fill in your areas of expertise, resume*, etc on both the websites and put up a photo to give your profile a less robotic look. Portfolios are very important to show any past experience you may have, so if you have any proof of work you may have done in the past that could be relevant to any projects you might bid on, upload it!

Vworker has Expert Guarantee tests that you should complete, whereas oDesk also has certification tests. There are a number of tests available, so you should just do tests in areas in which you believe you are an expert. A great score could result in you gaining more credibility as a worker, so make sure you take tests which you think you can score well in.

Once this is all done, you will have two solid looking profiles set up and you will be all ready to get to the most important part - BIDDING! 

Stay tuned for part 2 to find out the best bidding strategies for when you are completely new to the game!

Please feel free to leave a comment if any part of this is unclear or if you have any further questions. Thank you.

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