Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Samba Bank no longer supports Payoneer - Bank Al Falah does

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Unfortunately, I have not had much time to maintain this blog off late, and it seems many of the posts are outdated and contain incorrect information.

In my last post, I went on and on about how incredible Samba Bank is for Payoneer withdrawals in Pakistan.

For the longest time, they were the only bank that wasn't charging a fee for us Payoneer MasterCard debit card users.

Instead of charging a fee, they have decided to stop supporting MasterCard altogether, which means your card will get rejected and possibly eaten up if you try too many times.

The good news is that Bank Al Falah has some kind of agreement with MasterCard and most of their ATMs support Payoneer now - and they don't charge a bank fee either.

This means that if you withdraw money from a a Bank Al Falah ATM, you will just get charged 3% currency conversion fee and the standard Payoneer ATM withdrawal fee (which is $3.15 on most cards).

Which Bank Al Falah ATMs support Payoneer?

Good question. I have tried 5 different ATMs in Karachi South and they all worked perfectly. Reading some information about how certain machines in other parts of the city and country are not accepting Payoneer, but I think this should sort itself out soon.

What is Payoneer, you ask?

Even better question, You deserve an award for reading an entire blog about something you're clueless about. That award could be $25!!!! How?

You can sign up for a Payoneer card in Pakistan by clicking here (free $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)

As always, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to help you out with your Payoneer pareshaaniyan.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

How to load Payoneer in Pakistan

Payoneer issues MasterCard prepaid cards, which means that you can only use your card for purchases and ATM withdrawals if you actually have money loaded onto your card.

Many people order cards from Payoneer in Pakistan but they do not know how they can make use of the card, since a brand new card comes with $0 balance. There are various ways in which you can load money onto your Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan.

You can sign up for a Payoneer card in Pakistan by clicking here (free $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)


The most common way to load money onto your Payoneer in Pakistan is by withdrawing funds from your account with a Payoneer partner. Unfortunately, there is no complete list of Payoneer partners anywhere on the internet. Most freelancing marketplaces and many other sites where you can earn money are Payoneer partners.


How can you find out if a site is a Payoneer partner? Well, you can see withdrawal options on a particular website, or just simply google "name of site Payoneer" and see whether you can withdraw funds from there onto your Payoneer account.

Here is an older list of Payoneer partners. Please note that it may not be up-to-date.

Payoneer has over one thousand partners so I cannot compile a full list of Payoneer partners. You can see some of their current partners in the photos added to this blog.

You can sign up for a Payoneer card in Pakistan by clicking here (free $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)

Once you have identified a Payoneer partner, you can load your Payoneer in Pakistan by simply withdrawing funds from your account with that Payoneer partner to your Payoneer account. For instance, if you have earned $100 on a project on, you can select Withdraw and then choose Freelancer Debit Card (powered by Payoneer).


Private load is an easy way to load your card. All you need is credit card or debit card that can be used online. In order to use private load, visit and enter in your payment and card information. Your money can be loaded within 2 working days.

Please note that private load is not available on all Payoneer cards. If you order your card through certain Payoneer partners, you will need to regularly withdraw through those Partners for the private load feature to be enabled. However, if you order your card here, you can use the private load feature freely.

For more information about private loads, click here.

You can sign up for a Payoneer card in Pakistan by clicking here (free $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)

You can also receive money from another Payoneer card using Payoneer's Card to Card feature. This is another easy way to load money onto your card.

If you need to receive money from a company based in the United States or the European Union, you can receive it directly through your Payoneer card using Payoneer US / EU Payment Service. Payoneer charges a small fee for this service. More information can be found on their website.

I am always happy to help specific questions about how to load Payoneer in Pakistan, or any other questions related to Payoneer or freelancing that you might have. Please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to Use Payoneer in Pakistan in 2015

Payoneer offers an incredible payment solution for those who receive money from Payoneer affiliates. Payoneer in Pakistan is a particularly beneficial option since the world's most popular payment option Paypal is not generally available in Pakistan.

However, for those who are using Payoneer for the first time, it can be fairly confusing at first. This article will discuss everything you need to know regarding how to use Payoneer in Pakistan.


Avid followers of this blog, if there are any, will already know that Payoneer is a payment solution company that issues Prepaid MasterCard Debit Cards to freelancers and other people receiving income from foreign countries.

Payoneer cards can be used in Pakistan. How it works is that you receive money through a number of Payoneer partners (including,, etc). Once the money is loaded onto your card

You can sign up for a Payoneer card in Pakistan by clicking here (free $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)


Since Paypal is not available in Pakistan, Payoneer remains the most reliable way to receive money from clients abroad. Although at times you may feel like the fees are high, you are guaranteed on-time money (within 2 hours of loading if urgent load option is selected).


You can withdraw money from select ATMs across Pakistan, or use the money at POS terminals at petrol pumps, shops, restaurants and other vendors. If you decide to go for Payoneer, you don't have to rely on local banks, which have a habit of charging hidden fees.


You can either sign up for Payoneer by clicking here (annual charge instead of monthly charge + $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)
you can sign up directly through your Payoneer partner and pay a monthly fee and receive no bonus.


Below is the fee table for the card if you decide to order from this site. If you decide to order it through a specific partner, check out the fees for that specific card when applying for it. Most cards have the same fee structure, except instead of an annual fee of $29.95, they have a monthly fee of $3 (totalling to $36 per year).

Payoneer in Pakistan Fee Chart (Source:

You can sign up for a Payoneer card in Pakistan by clicking here (free $25 bonus once you load $100 to your card)


We did a survey and found that the average time it takes to ship Payoneer card to Pakistan is less than 25 calender days. This means that if you select regular shipping option, you can get your card within the calender month.

Image taken from

A large number of people got their cards within 20 days, but for some exceptional cases, it took as many as 40 days..

If you need your card urgently, you can pay extra and have it couriered to you within three working days. However, in order to do this, you have to pay a hefty fee.


We have written in great detail about how to use Payoneer in Pakistan before, but since those posts are quite old now, we decided to write a new post about how to use Payoneer in Pakistan in 2015.

Once you apply for the Payoneer card here:

  • Tear open the envelope you have received from Payoneer in the mail
  • Unpack the card and take out the activation instructions letter
  • Go to your PC
  • Go to 
  • Click on Activate your card in the panel on the right
  • Enter your account details to login to your Payoneer online account (these are the same details you chose when you ordered the card). The username is your email address and the password is what you chose it to be..  
  • Once you login, you will see a button you can click to activate your card. Click it!
  • Enter the 16 digit card number located on your card, and choose a 4 digit pin number.
  • Celebrate the activation of your card!


  • Your Payoneer card can be used in thousands of locations across Pakistan
  • You can withdraw money from selected ATM machines all over Pakistan.
  • Keep reading for list of Payoneer ATMs in Pakistan
  • View this list of MasterCard ATMs in Pakistan. Make sure you look out for the MasterCard LOGO  on the machine before you insert your card
  • Read on to see Payoneer ATM limit in Pakistan
  • Remember that all transactions in Pakistani ATM machines are done in Pakistani Rupees.
  • Remember: DO NOT CHECK ATM BALANCE FROM THE ATM but to check it online. Most machines in Pakistan do not support checking of balance of MasterCard cards, and your card could get stuck if you try.
  • You can also use your Payoneer MasterCard debit card at any shop, petrol pump or restaurant that accepts MasterCard payments. All big stores etc accept this method of payment.
  • You must enter in the AMOUNT IN RUPEES after converting the dollar amount that is in your card. You can only withdraw in rupees and not in dollars in Pakistan.


All MasterCard ATMs. Currently, the following banks support MasterCard ATM transactions:
  • Samba Bank - Samba Bank is the best option since the bank itself does not charge any fee
  • Muslim Commercial Bank - MCB charges Rs. 250 fee
  • Standard Chartered Bank - SCB charges Rs. 300 fee
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (Faysal Bank) - Unsure about fee but it is not very reliable
  • Citibank - Citibank only has a few branches and ATMs left in Pakistan


The per-transaction limit depends on the machine. Most MCB machines, all Samba and all SCB machines allow users to withdraw Rs. 20,000 per transaction. 

There is no limit on the number of transactions but different Payoneer cards have withdrawal limits so you should check that out when ordering your card.

Feel free to leave questions, comments and suggestions below.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Get a MasterCard debit card in Pakistan

If you need a MasterCard debit card to make any online purchase or to enjoy low transaction fees, the Payoneer MasterCard debit card is your best choice. Most banks in Pakistan offer Visa debit cards, so getting a MasterCard here is quite difficult.

Luckily, Payoneer now allows users to obtain cards though its website without any partners. If applicants request the card through an affiliate, not only is their application expedited, but they also get $25 FREE once they load their card with $100. Best of all, users who apply for their card from the below link can enjoy NO MONTHLY FEES and they just have to pay an annual fee of $29.95 (only if your card has a balance - it will never go into negative). There are NO ACTIVATION FEES if you register through the link below. You can use the Payoneer MasterCard debit card to get a BANK ACCOUNT IN AMERICA. This can be used to verify a Paypal account and USE PAYPAL IN PAKISTAN!

Click here to apply for a Payoneer card and get $25 absolutely free as soon as $100 is loaded onto your card


Leave your email address in the comments section and I'll send you a personal invitation. 

With a Payoneer MasterCard debit card, you can receive payments from clients all over the world through . You can also load your card using any Pakistani credit card or debit card, and then use the card to make purchase transactions all over the world.

The fee schedule for the card is as follows:

Annual card account maintenance $29.95 Per Card From available card balance each year
Card replacement $12.95 Per card One time - when issuing a replacement card
ATM Cash Withdrawals or Transactions ATM withdrawal $3.15 Per Trx When withdrawal is requested
Declined ATM withdrawal $1.00Per Trx When withdrawal request is declined
Purchase Transaction Free *Per Trx When card is used for purchases
ATM Balance inquiry** $1.00 Per Trx When inquiry is made

* When a transaction is made as a foreign transaction or is requested in a currency other than USD, charges of up to 3% may be assessed above all charges assessed by MasterCard for the transaction.
** Not available in Pakistan. Balance can be checked on the internet by logging into your account on

Any questions and queries are welcome. I strongly recommend you order the Payoneer card as soon as possible as there are no activation fees currently. I have been using Payoneer for over two years now and they are very safe and reliable. You can hook this card onto any Payoneer partner or use privately too.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Payoneer in Pakistan

 Do you often get frustrated that you cannot use Paypal in Pakistan? Do you feel there are no good alternatives to receive US dollar payments from clients all over the world? Well, you're completely wrong. Payoneer in Pakistan is a reliable alternative to Paypal. It has a wide range of benefits


Ordering a card through the link on this blog (above)

Luckily, Payoneer now allows users to obtain cards though its website without any partners. If applicants request the card through an affiliate, not only is their application expedited, but they also get $25 FREE once they load their card with $100. Best of all, users who apply for their card from the below link can enjoy NO MONTHLY FEES and they just have to pay an annual fee of $29.95 (only if your card has a balance - it will never go into negative). There are NO ACTIVATION FEES if you register through the link below. You can use the Payoneer MasterCard debit card to get a BANK ACCOUNT IN AMERICA. This can be used to verify a Paypal account and USE PAYPAL IN PAKISTAN!


Ordering a card through a Partner

Payoneer gives Pakistanis the option of receiving money through a MasterCard debit card in Pakistan. The way it works is simply that you can order a Payoneer debit card through the links placed on this page. Once you have received and activated the card, you can receive payments from any Payoneer partner. You can then withdraw this money in Pakistani rupees by inserting your Payoneer Debit Card into select ATM machines in Pakistan.

Although the card does allow private loads, you need to receive your first payment from a Payoneer Partner. There are hundreds of Payoneer partners, including major freelance marketplaces such as oDesk and Freelancer. After receiving at least one payment from a partner, you can also directly load your MasterCard debit card yourself or ask your clients to load it directly through

You can only withdraw money from select ATMs in Pakistan with the MasterCard logo. All Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and Citibank ATMs accept the Payoneer Card in Pakistan. ATM machines that used to belong to RBS also accept Payoneer cards.

Monthly cost is normally $3.00 (1-2 transactions) and $1.00 (3+ transactions). Each time you withdraw money from a Pakistani ATM, it will charge you a flat fee of $2.15 per transaction plus 3% of the amount you are withdrawing. If you accidentally try withdrawing more money than you have, it will charge you $0.90 as a failed transaction cost. These costs are fixed for most Payoneer Partners. 

However, there are certain costs that vary significantly depending on the partner you get your card from. If you order your card through certain vendors (such as Freelancer), you do not need to pay the activation fee. However, this is a limited time offer and it may have expired. It is best to order your card from the link below because you will get a $25 cash back, covering the cost of your activation fee. The fee for loading funds on your card may vary depending on your partner.

When you enter your Payoneer Card into any ATM machine, enter your PIN select Current Account.  Never check your balance from the ATM. Login to your account on to check your balance in USD.


*Some partners only allow you to use their card to receive payments from them (such as Elance). However, most partners will send funds to a Payoneer card that was not issued by them.

*If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer it as soon as possible.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Starting out as an online freelancer - Part 1

This series is aimed towards those who are trying to get into the wonderful world where one can work from his or her own home!

Guys, winning your first project is the most difficult job you'll ever get in this field.The entire online freelance community works on a crucial system of ratings. All major online marketplaces have rating systems which employers use to judge potential workers.

A person new to the world of freelancing is without a single rating, and so starting out can be very difficult. Few employers are willing to trust workers who have done no jobs on that marketplace previously.

But don't worry, we'll constantly update you with the latest tips and techniques to landing jobs, and hopefully guide you through the process. Feel free to communicate with us by leaving your comments below this post.

Part 1 of this series deals with setting up accounts on the most ideally suited freelancing marketplaces to those starting up!


We have done a lot of research over the past couple of weeks on the easiest websites for online freelancers to begin their work. Taking into account various factors including the long term prospects of these websites, we realized that freelancers have the highest chance of getting jobs on two websites:

We recommend you register on this site as well as this one both at once, so that you can save time filling their profiles (a lot of profile requirements are similar so you can just fill them simultaneously).

 Once you create accounts on both the websites, choose your payment methods etc. oDesk requires you take a readiness test before you can post a reasonable number bids at one time so make sure you do this after reading up on how the site works..

Fill in your areas of expertise, resume*, etc on both the websites and put up a photo to give your profile a less robotic look. Portfolios are very important to show any past experience you may have, so if you have any proof of work you may have done in the past that could be relevant to any projects you might bid on, upload it!

Vworker has Expert Guarantee tests that you should complete, whereas oDesk also has certification tests. There are a number of tests available, so you should just do tests in areas in which you believe you are an expert. A great score could result in you gaining more credibility as a worker, so make sure you take tests which you think you can score well in.

Once this is all done, you will have two solid looking profiles set up and you will be all ready to get to the most important part - BIDDING! 

Stay tuned for part 2 to find out the best bidding strategies for when you are completely new to the game!

Please feel free to leave a comment if any part of this is unclear or if you have any further questions. Thank you.

We would recommend you also like our Facebook page which can be accessed by clicking here since we frequently publish Success Tips which are absolutely essential to follow if you want to land your first project and complete it successfully.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Best Freelancing Websites for Pakistanis - PART 3 - Elance

Hi all,

While there are a lot of reviews comparing various freelancing websites, few do it from the perspective of a Pakistani. I have taken the time out to do a little bit of research to identify which website is most suitable for us, in terms of cost and payment methods.

There are a number of freelancing websites out there that allow Pakistani workers to work on projects and then get paid on them. However, a lot of Pakistanis have problems receiving payments from abroad because we cannot have a Paypal account in Pakistan and relying on the postal system to receive checks via snail mail is not a preferred option.

This series will talk about the pros and cons of the major online freelancing marketplaces from our perspective. The next website we will be looking at is:


Elance is a leading online freelancing website that boasts having faciliated $494,935,092 worth of business during the course of its existence. Elance has a large number of employers posting jobs regularly, but there is also a lot of competition and each job posting receives a large number of applicants.

While a basic membership on Elance is completely free, if you wish to upgrade your membership, there are superior plans available. The table below shows the types of memberships Elance offers to workers.


There are a number of payment methods for Pakistani contractors.

Wire Transfer (PKR) is offered by Elance. It is a direct bank transfer from their accounts to your local PKR bank account in Pakistan. Most major banks in Pakistan are supported by Elance, and while there is no list of supported banks published on their website, you can try out your bank details after making an account on Elance. Each Elance account is entitled to one free local currency wire transfer every month, after which each additional withdrawal costs $5.00. Since Elance converts the funds before transferring them, the currency conversion cost is avoided.

Wire Transfer (USD) is also offered for non-US countries. It is a bank transfer from Elance to your bank account (local PKR or local USD) in Pakistan. However, Elance does not offer any free USD wire transfers to account holders, and each withdrawal amounts to $25 in fees. Also, local PKR bank accounts often charge a hefty fee to convert the USD amount into PKR so this is not advisable, specially if you do not have a local USD account.

Payoneer [FOR more information about Payoneer, please click here: How to use Payoneer MasterCard Debit Cards in Pakistan.] is reliable and quick but it can end up being quite expensive. They issue a prepaid MasterCard debit card to people who can then use it to make electronic purchases at any place that accepts MasterCard, or withdraw it at ATM machines which accept MasterCard (in Pakistan, these include Standard Chartered Bank, Faysal Bank* and Muslim Commercial Bank).

Payoneer charges $24.99 as a one time activation fee that Pakistanis must pay, as opposed to a $9.99 fee for some other countries.

While Elance provides free withdrawals to your Payoneer account, Payoneer charges $2 to load it ($5 if you want to load it instantly). Otherwise it can take a few business days. Payoneer also has a monthly fee of $3 ($1 if you have more than three transactions, either through ATM or purchasing from shops etc in the previous month) but this is not deducted from your account if you do not have sufficient money there during the course of the month; i.e. your Payoneer account can never become negative. Besides this, there is a $2.15 fee for each ATM withdrawal you make. To top it all off, you get a poor exchange rate in Pakistan. The exchange rate is Rs.90/$ but our banks only give Rs. 87/$. This amount can build up if you are withdrawing a lot of money. Remember that Elance has a $20 minimum withdrawal limit for Payoneer users.

FOR more information about Payoneer, please click here: How to use Payoneer MasterCard Debit Cards in Pakistan.

Skrill, more commonly known as Moneybookers, charges EUR1.80 per withdrawal. Moreover, a rate of 1.99% has been applied for currency converssion by Skrill.

Moneybookers had a fantastic reputation amongst Pakistani contractors until recently, when there were widespread complaints of additional fees, delays and missing money with their services over the past couple of months. Skrill has undergone several internal changes, which have reduced its credibility in the eyes of many Pakistani contractors.

*only those branches of Faysal Bank that were once owned by Royal Bank of Scotland accept MasterCard. Look for the MasterCard logo on the machine. DO NOT insert your card in machine that does not accept MasterCard

FOR more information about Payoneer, please click here: How to use Payoneer MasterCard Debit Cards in Pakistan